2018 ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication

This year's symposium on computational fabrication is coming up in June. I attended in 2016, and it was quite an interesting mix of projects from around the world, not just MIT. Looking forward to this year's incarnation! Here are the details:

Cambridge, MA | June 17 - 19, 2018

This special meeting of the SCF, hosted by the Center for Bits & Atoms (CBA), focuses on the developments today that we predict will guide developments in this area for the next 50 years. This special meeting was inspired by the previous CBA Science of Digital Fabrication meeting. This year, SCF is will be held coincident with a special event honoring Fab Lab pioneer Mel King.

In order to provide a general framework for the diverse topics encompassed by SCF, we are organizing this year’s sessions around the following themes:

Conception: design inception, representation, discovery process, and refinement
Implementation: hardware and software tools and materials to realize designs
Application: what is the real-world relevance of realized designs
Implication: what are the broader social impacts of applied designs

Please visit last year's website: SCF 2017, for an overview of all previous keynote speakers and submissions.


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